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Sea Shipping Services

We are an International Sea shipping service helping with moving of commercial and personal cargo and sea Freight for international logistics from the UK.

LCL container loading
LCL Ocean Freight

As LCL Sea Freight forwarders (less than a container), Part load, groupage container services. We typically plan all our LCL services on fixed weekly or bi-weekly schedules to major global ports. As a freight forwarder we have a service leaving from London, destined for Sydney, or other ports over sea’s every Thursday afternoon for a 20ft container, we will attract as much sea, ocean cargo (customers) to ensure that the container is filled to its best possible load every week. In case you have extra freight for forwarding to your destination we have the flexibility of booking a larger  40ft container with the shipping line and thereby accommodating the extra cargo.

Full Sea Container Freight

General Dry Sea Container shipping Services, We provide 20FT and 40FT Standard container boxes and High Cube sea Containers for shipping from the United Kingdom (UK) either for personal Freight or commercial cargo shipments.  Dedicated sea containers are used for Larger commercial freight and personal cargo shipments will generally be sent by dedicated (FCL) Full Container Load. The shipping container is generally hauled directly from point of dispatch, warehouse / residential address the docks loading to your destination. When the 20ft or 40ft sea container is complete and the doors are closed, a tamper-proof customs seal is placed over the handles. The container is thereafter taken to port for loading on the Sea Going Vessel (ship) for dispatch overseas.

Roll on Roll off Sea service.

We offer Roll-on Roll-off shipping services for dedicated RO-RO shipping from the UK specializing in the transport of all types of rolling stocks (Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Excavators, Cranes, Diggers, Railway equipment, etc), project cargo, heavy lifts, Yacht shipping or oversized cargo for petrochemical, mining and construction industries and larger containers to major ports around the globe. Vehicles are driven or towed on and off the ship using the ship’s own ramps. This service is designed to accommodate cargoes which cannot be stacked but which vary in height it is ideal for such specialised trades routes. 

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