Logistics Trade


Since the dawn of Humanity, and the new cultivation of transport from Cart to Boat and then to Flight in the late 18th Century, We humans reply upon trade of goods for our survival.  From the small street trader’s to the multinational companies in the modern world. Logistics of goods, foods stuffs, garments, and electronics help us all. Excess Luggage are a part of the logistics’ wheel helping private individual and Business’s ship, move goods and products around the world, In our case from the United Kingdom.  Excess Luggage Group have been shipping providing sea Freight Shipping services since 2001. Who’s head office is based at London Heathrow Airport, with Satellite office's in Manchester, Ipswich, Southampton, Tilbury and Liverpool. We have LCL receiving depot all over the United Kingdom location: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Glasgow, London, East London, South London, West London, North London, Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best at Logistics services provided by our group be in the Aviation handling field, Ground logistics, Air Freight Services, Ocean Shipping sector of our business. We believe in organic growth through hard work, Customer service and valued reputation. We value all our customers from the private individual to the large corporate. 


Our professional sea freight Shipping services include:


  • FCL/LCL shipments worldwide

  • Containers departing/arriving weekly for part loads to all international ports

  • All equipment available: 20ft and 40ft DV's, High Cubes, Reefers, Open Tops, Flat Racks

  • Container services available in all directions

  • Courier services for that very urgent cargo/documentation

  • Cross trade services from anywhere to anywhere in the world

  • Full range of Ro Ro services for cars, trucks, vans, boats and static cased cargo