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Container shipping to Togo from UK

Container shipping Cost to Togo From UK;Sea Shipping to Togo From United Kingdom 


Shipping a Container to Togo with Sea freight services UK,we offer overseas Container shipping to Togo Cost of shipping container to Togo from UK is relatively cheap compared to shipping by air freight to Togo  are you looking to ship container we offer for cost effective,cheap Container shipping rates to Togo ? then you have come to the right place for Shipping your cargo/freight to Togo our sea shipping department at Excess Luggage UK offer International Container shipping services to Togo .Excess Luggage UK offer the best rates for shipping containers to Togo on from UK (England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland).Ship your cargo full container cargo to Togo FCL (Full Container Load) from Britain.

Container shipping cost to Port Lome from UK, Great Britain; London to Port Lome container shipping agents

Welcome to our container shipping services from the United Kingdom to Togo Specialists in shipping containers from the UK to Port .We at sea freight services offer competitive container shipping rates for moving personal household goods and commercial cargo, freight from UK to Togo Why not save money and take advantage of our cheap International container shipping cost, rates or charges to ( Port Lome) Our overseas container removals, container shipping service between the Britain and Togo are always busy due to popular international moving route for removals and global business trade movements to Togo.


Air Freight Shipping Togo verses Sea Freight Shipping to Togo

Air Freight is faster when it comes to urgent shipping, however more costly, if you are not in a hurry to get you goods and can wait 4-6 weeks then sea freight is the cheaper option. well no doubt you are wondering what is the cost to ship a container overseas or how much does it cost to ship a container overseas from UK to Togo.

UK Shipping Line Agents to Port Lome ; Export; container export shipping company London ship Container's

Shipping from London to Togo How much does it cost to ship a container overseas to Togo Call our customers service or email us with your details for cost on sea freight container from UK to Togo .


Tel: 0845 2707186


Please email us you your FCL request. We need to know the following from you :-

  • Size of Full container required for your shipping to Togo( 20ft DV / 40ft DV /  40ft HC / Flatrack ),

  • What you are loading, ( Commodity)

  • where your are loading from ( UK Postcode)

  • when your planning to load ( Date)

Sea Container shipping Services to Togo Ship 20ft  / 40ft  dry van container


Sea shipping containers come in many shapes and sizes than the conventional 20 feet (Dry Van) container & 40 feet (Dry Van) sea container shipping company to Togo (Port Lome)Sea Freight Services, we work with major global shipping lines, these ocean shipping leaders in global trade of full container shipping offering us a global reach at local level to help your full container move be successfully from UK to Togo,Lome.

20 Ft & 40 Ft containers shippers to Port Lome;Sea Shipping company ship container to Port Lome from UK 

We offer standard 20 foot (ft) and 40ft DV ocean containers for movement of personal cargo and general commercial freight for Business to Business shipping of dry cargo. Ocean shipping of light vehicles, cars, vans and heavy plant equipment.


Sea Shipping:  Standard 20ft DV Container Internal loading dims are able to accommodate approx: 29 - 33 CBM, subject to loading process.

We can load approximately 10 Standard UK pallets in this of 120x100x200cm max height. Max UK Container weight limit is 18,000 Kilograms.

We can load approximately 11  Standard Euro pallets in this of 120x80x200cm max height. Max UK Container weight limit is 18,000 Kilograms. 

Sea Shipping: Standard 40ft DV Container Internal loading dims are able to accommodate approx: 63 - 67 CBM, subject to loading process.


We can load approximately 20 Standard UK pallets in this of 120x100cm x200cm Max height. Max UK Container weight limit is 26,000 Kilograms.

We can load approximately 25 Standard Euro pallets in this of 120x80cm x200cm Max height. Max UK Container weight limit is 26,000 Kilograms.

Open Top Sea shipping Containers 20ft & 40ft, flat rack

Special open top shipping containers are available for shipping certain types of out of gauge cargo, freight, where the height of the cargo exceed 210cm door opening, when using these types of shipping containers cargo, freight is normally lowered into the unit for shipping, these containers are then covered with covers, these units are normally shipped topside due to height restrictions by the shipping lines.


Flat Bed Containers to Port Lome

We can also provide specialist open top, flat bed ocean containers for heavy plant machinery shipping to Togo.

Bulk Tank Containers to Port Lome

These bulk Tank containers are used to ship liquids, liquids which can not be accommodated in normal shipping containers due to health and safety. 

Sea Shipping Refrigerated Container rates UK to Port Lome (Reefers)


Refrigerated Container shipping service for Perishable foods and Frozen cargo container shippers cool cargo Can supply reefer containers for cold chain shipping, Special containers known as Reefers for shipping temperature controlled, Frozen cargo from the United Kingdom to Lome.

20ft & 40ft Container shipping Services to Port Lome,Ship container's to Port Lome  from UK

Whether you are loading or unloading your 20ft sea container or a 40ft sea container, it is important to be aware that you will usually have a "live" move. This means that the driver will wait while the container is loaded or unloaded and you usually have only two hours to complete this process from point of arrival / delivery. Most people do not understand how much work is involved to load or unload an international sea container once it arrived at the location.

UK Residential container moving service to Port Lome

Overseas residential container moving services should considering the time constraints and that no loading ramps being available on international residential moves, you should have enough man power to load or unload a minimum of four strong helpers / movers are recommended for an international container loading and unloading, it’s in your best interest to hire more helpers / movers than less. More hands make less work and quick loading or unloading. For residential container moves to Togo We would recommend that you hire a tail lift van to assist you as the shipping container is sitting on trailer approx 5 feet of the ground.

Container shipping from UK, GB, (England, wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

There are many shipping companies in the UK offering Container shipping services to Lome as it is a popular route from Britain, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Sea Freight services offer a competitive prices, cost of shipping a container overseas to Jordan of be it a 20ft container or a 40ft container for shipping to Togo.Our export shipping sea cargo logistics service offer sea freight transportation, sea-freight Container movements from most major cities in UK such as Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Greater London, North London, East London, South London, West London, Kingston upon Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Swindon.

Sea Shipping Procedures: Full Container Load (FCL) Ship container overseas form UK

When exporting, shipping goods by ocean, sea freight it is helpful to follow a set of procedures which together help to achieve the best results. Follow are our recommended process for shipping goods by sea, ocean freight as FCL – Full Container Loads.

  • Shipper contacts Sea Freight Services (excess luggage UK) as their agent to move the goods, cargo, Freight.

  • Exporters, shipper’s provides; Export address and Receivers, importers arrival details.

  • Sea Freight Services arranges to have a shipping line to bring, place an empty container at the exporters, shipper’s premises to be loaded, secured and book space on the next available vessel to the destination port.

  • Bill of Lading instructions are sent to the shipping line for them to produce the Ocean Bill of Lading. 

  • The shipping line will raise an Ocean Bill of Lading with the shipper, exporter being the agent at the originating port and the consignee being his agent at the destination port.

  • Once the shipment has been loaded on to the vessel and the vessel has sailed, Sea Freight Services will send to his exporter, shipper, arrival agent at the destination port a pre-alert consisting of: Ocean Bill of Lading, House Bill of Lading, if used, an invoice and any other supporting documents.

  • The shipping line may send arrival notice to importer, consignee or arrival agent.

  • The arrival agent in the port of destination will take control of the shipment and customs clear and arrange for delivery to the importer

  • The arrival agent may use line haulage or merchant haulage to get the container delivered.


Global Container Tracking; Sea Shipping

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